ISHA & PJ – Panjabi Wedding

ISHA & PJ – Panjabi Wedding

This was a beautiful wedding that lasted 5 days.  Besides the bride and the groom, colors, were the special guests of this unforgettable occasion. I personally believe that the majesty of these beautiful colors described my bride as a very delicate and feminine woman, with a rebellious and spontaneous side. And that’s because the colors conveyed with a sense of vitality and enthusiasm. The dresses and linen’s textures created a bold and dramatic effect.

In order to make an event like this happens, you have to work as a team! As wedding planner I partnered with my vendors to coordinate every detail.  Every vendor teamed up with me so every aspect of the wedding was a clear reflection of my bride’s vision. It challenged us to tastefully use and incorporate  some red and fuchsia in this wedding’s composition, aiming to be energetic but not so aggressive. And the mission was accomplished!

This wedding was fun, full of laughter and togetherness! You could feel a wonderful energy and vitality during the five days event.

It was a great opportunity to be part of such important moment for Isha and PJ.

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Thanks to the marvelous Photographer Kunal Mehta