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I would recommend Nadira and her team for your next event. She was there with me from start to finish and always available to answer any questions I had even if it was during the middle of the night. She has an exceptional sense of professionalism and her team reflects that as well.

She will go out of her way to help fix any mishaps (bound to happen at any event) so that the bride is not stressed out.

She will go out of her way to help fix any mishaps (bound to happen at any event) so that the bride is not stressed out. Once again, I highly recommend Nadira and her team for your next big event!

Sajal & Yogi
Savannah GA
November 30, 2019



Hiring Nadira was the best decision we made! Months prior to the wedding Nadira made herself available for any questions we had and made helpful suggestions. She followed up with vendors throughout the process. During the wedding weekend, Nadira and her team were on top of it!!

During the wedding weekend, Nadira and her team were on top of it!!

Each one of them made it a priority to get to know our families and made sure they all felt at ease throughout the weekend. We couldn’t have picked a better planner!

Khusbu & Vikesh
Charlotte, NC
October 19, 2019


Team Envi absolutely rocks! The weekend went seamlessly thanks to Nadira, Tulsi, and Taz. No matter what we needed done, Nadira and her team were there for us, from gathering our family, to ensuring the vendors were all there and aware of what to do, to running last minute errands. Nadira and her team took such good care of everything that needed to be handled whether it was a big task or something small that one of our guests needed during the weekend!

It has been two months since the event, and we are STILL receiving compliments on how well organized, beautiful, and coordinated our wedding was!

A special shoutout to Tulsi for staying on top of each item for us on the day of our wedding and reception. It was amazing having you ladies around every step of the way, and you really showed up! Sagar and I had long work hours while planning the wedding, and it was such a relief to know that Nadira was there to keep me on track for planning, provided me with breakdowns and things to expect, and really stayed on top of everything for me the last week. No matter what it was that my husband, family, or I asked for the week of the wedding, it was done. All I had to do was send a quick text and within minutes, we had what we needed. Thank you Nadira, Taz, and Tulsi for making this the wedding of my dreams! It was perfect and everything I’d ever wanted!

Minisha & Sagar
October 12, 2019
Atlanta, GA


Nadira & the Envi Event team are truly amazing at their work, but even more amazing are their personalities. They made my fairytale wedding come to life even brighter than what I had imagined. From tackling my family members indecisive last minute changes to taking care of vendor disagreements, there’s so much that Nadira took care of for us. She made my mother and I feel at peace and we even had guests and friends come to us asking how we remained so calm during this huge 3-day wedding event; the answer was simple, our wonderful wedding planner, Nadira. With her by our side we knew everything would be taken care of. If she wasn’t next to me she was with my mom making sure everything was just how she wanted for our guests and my in-laws.

Nadira has an amazing reputation and I knew I made the right decision when we got on our very first phone call; she knew everything I wanted without even explaining the details to her.

Now that the endless phone calls and hundreds of emails came to an end, I will always be grateful to have Nadira and her team during the most important day of my life, and will forever cherish the friendship made along the journey.

Shivani & Devan
Columbus GA
May 18, 2019



Nadira was invaluable to my wedding planning process, and brought my vision to fruition beautifully. She helped plan the wedding from start to finish and as my family and I kept coming up with increasingly elaborate ideas, with a guest list inching into the four digits, Nadira executed everything with efficiency and grace.

She genuinely cares about what she does and approaches every interaction with professionalism.

The relationship Nadira has with her vendors is incredible, and they are top notch at what they do. Her team is truly dedicated, and basically the sweetest people you could hope to interact with as you go through your wedding festivities. I couldn’t be happier to have had her by my side, and the wedding wouldn’t have been what it is without her. She’s amazing!

Arti & Greg


Upon hiring Nadira and her team six months before my wedding, she told me there is nothing she wouldn’t do. I soon found out, that was an understatement—there’s nothing that she couldn’t do!

Amidst tons of curve balls and last minute challenges flung her way, she was patient, professional, and always executed beyond expectation. She has a flawless reputation among all the vendors and brides in the Southeast, and I couldn’t agree more with her exclusively praise-worthy qualities. She’s the vendor that ensured all my other vendors delivered their best work; she’s the vendor that would reply to my emails at 2 AM and be at my house at 7 AM the next morning; and, she’s the vendor I would hire again without thinking twice. Nadira and her team allowed me to enjoy the celebration and planning of my dream wedding.

Avani Patel
Nadira and her staff were so helpful in planning my sister-in-law’s wedding. They helped us from the start of wedding planning all the way until after the event was over! From contacts, to negotiating to coordination, Envi took care of it all with great expertise. We did not feel the normal stresses of wedding planning — and we owe all of that to Nadira! Thank you so much for your time, your enthusiasm, and your patience — you are truly one in a million!
Neha & Graham
Where do we start?? Nadira and the Envi girls are absolutely amazing...from endless conversations, emails, and texts, to vendor visits and lists, you were there for us every step of the way. We can't thank you enough! To anyone who is looking to plan ANY event, these are your girls to work with to get the job done. They are attentive, caring, considerate to your needs, they keep it professional with your vendors and will always look out for your needs first. Even though Nadira had 8 million other brides/couples to take care of while she was with us on calls or visits, she always made time to make us priority number one while we worked through the details of our wedding weekend's events. Nadira, in our minds, you will always be made our wedding perfect. We definitely feel like we gained a friend throughout this process because you helped to make it fun, and we miss it so much! THANK YOU!
Afzaa & Adnan
Thank you so much for all the hard work that you and your team did for us over the weekend. Raghu and I truly Appreciate everything. Our friends and families enjoyed everything so much. Thank you for always staying calm and dealing really well with my indecisiveness. I'm going to miss working with you! If you are ever in dc, come visit us. You have a place to stay 🙂
Priyanka & Raghu
What more can we say to the team that helped make our fairy tale wedding come true? We had a vision for what we wanted and you helped it come to fruition! While Nadira helped us by finding our vendors, negotiating contracts, and attending meetings, it was really the team's effort during the wedding that really stood out. As the bride, I don't ever remember being concerned about food arriving on time, rooms being decorated correctly or any other technical aspect of the weekend. Nadira went so far as to bring breakfast to the bridal suite each morning (without being asked!) for the bride and our family while we were getting ready. She brought us dinner during the reception to make sure we ate in the midst of the chaos! From early in the morning until the bride and groom were asleep at night, Nadira was calm, collected and professional and made sure everything got done and done well. Nadira and her team will make your dream wedding come true and they do it with a smile! You will not regret working with them!
Margi & Rucheet
We are incredibly pleased with the way our wedding weekend turned out and must say a lot of that credit goes to Nadira with Envi Event Planning. Not only was she helpful in recommending vendors and negotiations, her presence during the actual events was key to everything going off without a hitch! As the brides (we are twin sisters that got married on the same weekend!!), you don't want to worry about the small things and Nadira was there to take care of it. There were no instances where she came to us with questions, she simply took the problem and came up with a resolution she knew we would be happy with. Nadira was easy to work with, always there when you needed her (even at midnight), and she took the time to get to know our family, which was very important to us.
Sonal & Sajal
Nadira you were a revelation. My parents, all of four of the them, are so grateful they brought you on board for day of coordination (more like 4 week coordination). You were in four places at once, a personal assistant to all six primary members of our family, and still on top of every vendor, the timeline, and hotel. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Take a bow.
Gayatri & Sumeet
Nadira did such a great job with our wedding. She helped us in all aspects of our planning and coordinating process. From venue, to caterers, and our decorators – it was clear to us that Nadira knew the ins and outs of planning an Indian wedding. Nadira’s advice was invaluable, she helped me and my parents with anything and everything we needed during the wedding weekend and leading up to it. Even when there was hiccups along the way, she never left our side, she continued to help my parents after the wedding which shows how committed she is to being there for her clients. Nadira was very patient, courteous, considerate, caring, and calm, which was very much appreciated by my whole family. Our wedding weekend was absolutely amazing and I would like to thank Nadira for her hardwork and help!
Priti & Manish
Nadira, it was so wonderful to work with you! You went above and beyond the vision I had for a wedding coordinator, willing to be a part of anything we asked, always making things easier and more convenient, and in general, being a constant source of support. Your ability to embrace any cultural preference and find ways to make it come to life is truly rare. Perhaps that is what most made me feel like you became a part of the wedding party! Thanks again for all your help, and for making a special time less stressful, more fun, and even more special!
Vani & Alok
When I first set out to plan my wedding on my own, I was setting up the wedding of disaster. Me knowing very little about wedding planning, and not knowing which vendors to go for, or who to look for and how to negotiate, I needed help. That’s when I made the best move and called Nadira, from Envi Event Planning.

They were like Gods sent. I know I could not have pulled off a non-stop 5 day wedding event without Envi Event Planning. Nadira and her team were so hard working and made sure I had the wedding of my dreams. They were great with finding me the best suitable vendors within my budget, and also were phenomenal with organizing everything. My wedding landed on the 4th of July weekend, one of vendors busiest times, but despite that, they still managed to get me all the vendors/performers I wanted, and the ones that were best for my wedding.

It was two weeks before my wedding and I still did not have a cake, because of a last minute change, when I asked Nadira if she can find someone to make our wedding cake (just one week before our wedding now), she did it! She made one phone call, and we had our cake.

It’s not easy getting a vendor to commit to making a wedding cake just days before a wedding, unless you have Nadira of course!! I basically gave all the responsibilities to Nadira, I knew I had nothing to worry about with her as my wedding planner. Not only did she take care of me, but she took care of my family, the groom and his family (who were from out of country), and that’s a lot of people to coordinate, but they pulled it off. They were very hands on, and had our wedding in their best interest.

During my wedding events, all I had to do with wrap myself in an imaginary happy bubble, because I knew I had Envi Event Planning to take care of any last minute issues for the wedding. They had many great ideas and were also open to my ideas as well. I can’t thank Envi Event pPlanning enough for all their hard work and dedication towards my wedding! They really helped me and my family put together the wedding of my dreams. I honestly could not have done it without her. Making that phone call to Nadira and having her plan my wedding was the best move I had made!
Isha & PJ
"Nadira and her team were nothing short of spectacular during the entire wedding planning process and during all of the wedding events. Not only was she there every step of the way during the planning process (and we planned from another city!), but she was always able to handle any bumps in the road which ultimately put our minds at ease during such a stressful time. The wedding could not have gone any smoother thanks to her and her wonderful team of ladies. You know you had a fantastic planner when your wedding guests are not talking about the decor or food four months later, but the amazing work of the wedding planner! I am so incredibly grateful to have had such a talented planner (and new friend) who helped create the wedding of my dreams! Thank you, Envi Event Planning!"
Shalini & Nish
The Envi team girls are a blessing! A multi day wedding event is no easy feat to plan but Nadira and her girls pulled it all off without a hitch 🙂 Planning a wedding with majority of out of town guests and within a short 6 month time frame needed skill - skills the the Envi team excels at. Our wedding took place in DC, guests flew in from all over the country and Nadira was able to manage & plan the event remotely from Atlanta! The one comment we continue to receive from our guests is how organized and smoothly the events went. Our parents and family had a trusted partner in Nadira and were able to fully enjoy the events without having to worry about any of the annoying details. Nadira made our wedding such a joyous time- we literally showed up to all our events and were blown away each time. I truly felt like a guest attending my own wedding instead of a crazed bridezilla running around. These girls are not only amazing and easy to work with but display the utmost level of professionalism. Looking back, the best decision we made (after of course marrying each other) was to go with Envi!
Anika & Lucky
Thank you so much for EVERYTHING this past year and a half. It was the best decision hiring your team to help me coordinate our wedding weekend. You girls are a gem to work with and I am so grateful I had the best team on my side. Love ya'll!!!
Devi & Tejas
I wanted to send out the BIGGEST THANK YOU to Envi Event Planning. You girls were AMAZING!! My events spanned over three days and each one of those days couldn't have been more organized and timely. You girls completely lifted the stress and burden off my families shoulders allowing them to actually enjoy themselves! You were also able to tame my bridezilla ways and get me WHATEVER I asked for!!! You girls were so sweet and accommodating to my guests as well! Nadira and her girls exuded sheer professionalism. I couldn't imagine my events going any better than they did and it was truly thanks to you lovely ladies!! Thank you Nadira, Shelly and Tulsi....Big Kisses and Hugs!!
Salma & Aleem

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